Become A Force Multiplier: Five simple tasks for American Activists

Some background to the presentation below:

After observing the trends on the Left for many years, in early February 2009, during a meeting with a friend familiar with the “hydra” that the Left had built, we lamented on how there was nothing on the Right to combat the behemoth that had been built by unions, the institutional Left, with the help of the mainstream media, to tear down the Right and propel Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats to their huge 2008 victories.

Knowing what was on the agenda, “we’re finished as a nation,” was the overriding feeling. A short time later, the first Tea Party rally was held.

During the summer of 2009, I attended my first Tea Party meeting as an observer. It was, as they say, beautiful chaos. People who, for the most part, had been apathetic to politics were suddenly engaged and outraged. Nevertheless, I left that meeting with the thought, ‘these people really have no idea what they’re up against.’

A little more than a year later, as we were launching the Concord Project for the mid-term GOTV , there was opportunity to speak at several other Tea Party events. As part of the presentation, several slides were devoted to “what we’re up against” (explaining the leviathan that the Left had built).

Following that meeting, someone stated that the attendees loved the information, but it “scared the crap out of them.” This was surprising since the Tea Party had been in existence for more than 18 months at that point. How can you fight something you don’t understand? More importantly, how can you expect to win? Continue reading

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When GOTV Goes Terribly Wrong

The recall election in Wisconsin is (has been) very contentious. Once in office, Gov. Walker set about putting together a budget with a major austerity initiative that included a push to end collective bargaining for public workers. The response to Gov. Walker’s initiatives has been strong, both “for” and “against” his agenda, and as a result, a major recall election campaign was set into motion.

It’s not our place here at TCP to judge or take sides, but as strong defenders of any and all efforts to engage the citizenry and get them to engage the political process, and exercise their fundamental right to VOTE when elections are held, it’s worth taking a closer look at the Wisconsin story (and the news of potential GOTV fraud) in order to understand the importance of playing very close attention to any organized GOTV efforts, and making sure people are diligent and ever-watchful about getting the facts straight and acting accordingly.

ABC News has a good recap of what brought us to this point in Wisconsin:
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What Happened At RightOnline

Redstate’s  ColdWarrior and Ron Robinson invited several precinct activists from around the country to sit on a panel at the recent RightOnline conference, put on by Americans for Prosperity. Our topic was the “Importance of Precinct Activism”. Below the fold you will find some more details that I didn’t include in my portion of the event, and get to see me talking.

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